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Poured Canada is the only magazine to target and directly reach the producers of beer, wine and spirits across Canada. Through strategic partnerships with Beer Canada, Spirits Canada and the Wine Growers Canada, each issue provides readers with policy and advocacy initiatives, industry trends, statistics and guidance and more.

Poured Canada features distribution in all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

Published: Tri-annual
Circulation: 2,200

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Current Issue: Poured Canada - Spring/Summer 2022


It was a genuine pleasure working with Lester Communications, who helped us promote our new lab instruments through Poured Canada magazine. They offer support in both the creation and modification of advertisements and editorials while never being intrusive and always seeking to provide the best visibility for us. We have published three advertisements and an editorial in the magazine and will gladly do so again the following year.

James Orsini, Anton Paar

Lester Communications Inc.

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