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This year has no doubt been a difficult start for the industry. From the recent cold snap causing catastrophic losses for B.C. wineries to alcohol tax hikes, there are plenty of challenges for Canada’s beverage alcohol producers. In the face of these challenges, I’ve noticed a thread that runs through each brewery, winery and distillery across Canada: resiliency.

Even though we’ve jumped from the COVID-19 frying pan into the fiery impacts of climate change, you’re still pouring. Your teams are resilient. Despite the challenges faced by each sector of the beverage alcohol industry, each passing year brings more and more breweries, wineries and distilleries to dot the country, which is why the theme of this issue is Building Your Business – to offer some advice to those who are new to the industry, with insights from industry vets.

Don’t know where to start with decorating a taproom? Head over to the Cover Story to see examples from five fantastic taprooms across Canada and learn how the designers chose their themes and decor – get inspired!

Phantom Creek Estates Winery is described as “a beautiful oasis set within a rugged and untamed landscape.” Explore the winery and its vineyards in the Winery Profile.

Do you know what shadow brands are? You’ve definitely seen some on the shelves at your local liquor store. Dive deep with Kristine Hui (a.k.a. Miss Brewbird on YouTube) into the step-by-step process of creating a drink brand without establishing a physical brewery or distillery.

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